Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday commission

This one is also a commission. But this one was a request by a random person from that same game I told you about earlier. I was in need of gold so I spread my artshop around and someone saw. This was sort of rushed since he needed it on the same day he asked for it. It was a birthday present for her friend. He paid me around 80,000 gold and whoa! That was more than what I needed. I only expected around 25k since I was still new to vectored art those days.

Commission for a friend

This was a commission I did for my friend, Rubie. While in class, she saw me doing a vectored illustration and she found my style "cute". So she asked me if I could make an avi art for her. We play this game where you have an avatar and you get to dress it up in different kinds of costumes. This was a simpler version of her character.


This was supposed to be a girl swimming in space. But it accidentally became some sort of a water form so there! I also occasionally use this style of art.

Digital painting

I'm also interested in digipainting. So I tried, and I think it wasn't that bad for a first legit try.

Gradient project

When I was still new to vectored artworks, I tried doing a "gradient project" wherein the backgrounds are just a gradient of a colour and Black. Background wasn't really my forte so I used gradients. Here are some self portraits I did for the project. It was a transition of my hair when it was curly to when I had it cut short.